With TrueFish you can fish with a fixed, bolognese, deep sea fishing or spinning fishing rod along rivers, lakes and seas of Italian territory.

You can catch the most common fishes in Italian territory: bleaks, trouts, chub, carp, mullet, etc.. for a total of 129 different types!

According to the place, the day of the year, weather conditions and especially the type of fishing rod, the fishing line calibration, the bait, etc., you will catch fishes just like in real life!

With TrueFish you can also customize venues and equipment. You can create new venues, rods, hooks, baits, etc. so you can fish in every place you love, using your favorite fishing rod!


jun-17, new items in section "add-on" for Windows version.

aug-16, Truefish 2.8.1 for Windows released: Windows 10 Anniversary now supported.

aug-16, Modified the online scores logic: the results in every leaderboard is now 60. In every leaderboard can hold a maximum of 5 results for each species.

jul-15, Truefish 2.8 for Windows released: more resolution screen supported and online scores.

apr-15, TrueFish 1.0.11 for Android released: Online scores.

2013, Truefish signaled on Let's Save.

2012, Truefish signaled on Giochi di Pesca.

The magazine Software World describes TrueFish as "Fantastic fishing simulator with beautiful Italian venues". Read the full article.