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The main features of TrueFish


With TrueFish you can fish with a fixed, bolognese, deep sea fishing or spinning fishing rod along rivers, lakes and seas of Italian territory.

You can catch the most common fishes in Italian territory: bleaks, trouts, chub, carp, mullet, etc.. for a total of 129 different types!


According to the place, the day of the year, weather conditions and especially the type of fishing rod, the fishing line calibration, the bait, etc., you will catch fishes just like in real life!


With TrueFish you can also customize venues and equipment. You can create new venues, rods, hooks, baits, etc. so you can fish in every place you love, using your favorite fishing rod!


Last news about TrueFish

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March, 2018

New Site

New site for TrueFish.

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June, 2017

New items

New items in section "download" for Windows version.

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August, 2016

Online scores

Modified the online scores logic: the results in every leaderboard is now 60. In every leaderboard can hold a maximum of 5 results for each species.

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July, 2015

TrueFish 2.8 for Windows

Truefish 2.8 for Windows released: more resolution screen supported and online scores.


Download TrueFish

TrueFish 2.8.1 DEMO for Windows (14 Mb)
TrueFish 2.8.1 Update (build 160902) for Windows (24 Mb)
TrueFish Editor 1.2 for Windows (1 Mb)
New items shared by some players (Windows version, 27 Mb)


Buy TrueFish

Purchasing the full version for Windows of the game on MyCommerce you can:

- fish over 120 types of fish in more than 30 places of Italy;
- have 30 days of support in case of problems;
- use TrueFish Editor to create new objects for use in TrueFish;
- download new objects for the game;
- download all next releases of the game.

On Google Play Store you can buy the full version for Android smartphones and tablets. To purchase the game, you must have a Google account
On Google Play Store you can also download a free Lite version of TrueFish.


Frequently Asked Questions and Contacts

  • What are the features of TrueFish?
    - With TrueFish you can fish with a fixed, bolognese, deep sea fishing or spinning fishing rod along rivers, lakes and seas of Italian territory.
    - You can catch 129 types of fish.
    - You can fish in 30 venues of the Italian territory.
    - You can set your equipment: fishing rod, bait, floating, hook, etc.
    - Weathers effects, day/night effects, etc.
    - Statistics.
    - Help, pressing the "F1" key.
    - Two game modality: free fishing or competition.
    - Possibility to add new venues and new equipment to use in the game (hooks, floatings, etc).
  • What are the minimum system requirements to run TrueFish?
    PC Pentium III
    Ram 512 MB
    Video Card with 256 MB and supports of DirectX 9.0
    Windows XP (con Service Pack 2), Vista or Windows 7/8
    DirectX 9.0c
    50 free MB on the hard disk

    The Android vesion works on Android 4.0 or major.
  • What are the limits of the demo version?
    Demo version of TrueFish is limited to 2 venues and the only fishes you can catch are Char or Common Goby.
  • How I can buy the complete version of TrueFish?
    You can buy the complete version of TrueFish on MyCommerce.
    Before buying TrueFish, try the DEMO version.

    You can buy the Android version from Google Play.
  • I bought the complete version of TrueFish for Windows. Who can I contact for order problems?
    If you have order problems (delivery, payment, etc), you can contact MyCommerce.
  • I bought the complete version of TrueFish for Windows. How do I install it?
    You can follow these steps:

    1. Download and save on your computer files truefish_setup.exe and key.bin received by mail.
    2. Uninstall any previous versions of TrueFish.
    3. Run the installation of the software by clicking on the file truefish_setup.exe.
    4. When the wizard ask for it, select where you saved the file key.bin.
    5. Complete the installation by following the step-by-step instructions.
  • Where can I find new objects to use with TrueFish?
    You can download new objects from site, from the section Download.
  • How can I install the new objects downloaded from the site?
    You can install the downloaded items with TrueFish Editor. Alternatively, you can decompress the .zip file in the subfolders of the game.
    Refer to the TrueFish Editor documentation for more information.

  • For more information, suggestions, bugs reporting, etc.:

  • For technical support (for 30 days from the purchase date):